Thursday, December 6, 2007

What if we could create a "living building"?

Over lunch, a few of us were sitting around talking and the subject of using cast off cargo containers for affordable, sustainable housing came up. The more we all brainstormed, the more it became apparent that there is both a need in the area for more of this type of housing and that we can pool together our skills and knowledge to make it happen (assuming we can get the money together).

We're all students at Appalachian State University - which has a phenomenal Sustainable Development program, plus Interior Design, Architecture, Land Use & Space planning - so we have an incredible talent pool to draw on and a fairly large percentage of the student body and local community that are interested in sustainable development to provide public support.

In talking over the project requirements, we've decided to form as a Non profit, to develop the project with a concern for community involvement and additionally provide space for a community gathering center that various groups can use for meeting space. Some of the units should be living/studios while others will provide one or two bedroom apartments. Ideally, we can develop this with a rooftop garden, recycling the gray water from the laundry and capture the waste heat from the building to provide a sauna (possibly with the help of captured heat from a compost pile).

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