Thursday, December 6, 2007

one of the better grid-tie systems, should be legal in watauga. prob give 300-500 kwh/month since out estimate avg wind speed in the valley is 9-13 mph. integrated inverter! w00t!

this guy is a really good one to talk to (sugar grove):

compost looks like its only viable in conjunction with solar thermal from what i've seen so why not just go all solar thermal of PV? like something modeled after this?
also clear dome makes a pad that helps raise temperatures in conjunction with other heating methods:

also green house, even a simple one would be key to starting seeds early for the rooftop garden. compost can easily be used to heat that or we could go all out bioshelters.

solar hot water: we should be able to offset 50-70% of hot water needs with well placed solar thermal panels...
a really cool index of projects, some useful, some not:

a couple panels (sol makes some of the better ones...):

take a look and tell me what you think! also, let's look at microhydro resources cause i got a ton of info on that...


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