Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the meeting with Janet Montgomery 12/12/07

Problems they faced with the art community center:

  • Rent of building/property
  • Cost per square foot for studio space- artist agreeing on cost at a realistic bracket
    • Who gets windows… do you charge more
  • Who could use the center- studio space/gallery space
    • jury
    • open
    • what kind of artists: clientele, price brackets
  • marketing
    • more than advertising…
      • reputation
      • community support
  • maintenance
    • who will clean
    • how will people be held accountable
  • security
    • locking doors
    • protecting art
    • ensuring space used appropriately
      • not artist studio space not living space
      • not a social party space
  • Insurance
    • For art
    • For public use
    • For potentially dangerous activities, ie welding
  • OSHA
    • Meeting standards for ventilation
    • Health codes
    • Structural elements
    • Fire code
  • Money
    • Where is the money coming from
      • Grants
      • Donations
      • Loans
    • Creating a realistic budget
    • How will it sustain its self
How do you get a bunch of non-conformist to adhere to a set structure?

Additional things we should think about:

  • involving the community
    • all of the families are interconnected so don’t be careful not to burn bridges or talk down on anyone
    • talk to the mayor
    • create a web of possible allies or other groups that can benefit
    • combating the resistance to anything new/unfamiliar
  • visual aesthetics
    • have solid visuals of the structure to accompany the proposal to counter the negative stigma attached to cargo containers

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