Saturday, January 19, 2008

NC Sustainable Building Design Competition - we can't use this project

Just finished reading the requirements for the competition - each team has to design a duplex for a specific lot to be built with Self Help assistance. The fact that it's got to be a duplex, in the 4,000 sq footage range, to be built in the RTP area and climate really would have us doing alot of work that wouldn't be usable for this project.

Oh well. But it's still a great way for the State and various schools to promote awareness of Sustainable Design. Something this 600 mile long state that keeps increasing population so much needs to be looking at, almost as much as they need to do some serious re-evaluation of their transportation systems and what the future needs to be focusing on.

Here's the entry guidelines for the competition if anyone is interested in reviewing them.

Also talked to Dmitry, he's graduated so we'll need to find someone else to help with the drawings and renderings.

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